Welcome to the web site for the Village of Williamsfield, located in Knox County, Illinois, also known as "Billtown" to those who call it home. For those who live here, this site is a useful resource for contact information, a calendar of activities, clubs, services, and other community-related topics.

If you are a new to this site or wish to learn more about Williamsfield, this site will introduce you to our village of about 600 residents, its rich history, top-rated school system, strong community, and opportunities for recreation and growth. Please browse the site for information on our parks, events, services, and businesses.

I am sure you will find something of interest on these pages. Please do not hesitate to contact the Village for more information on why residents say "Life is Good in Billtown."   Thank you, Village President

Village Government

Williamsfield is governed by a Village President and a board of 6 trustees. These leaders are elected officials. They preside over Village matters, such as infrastructure and public safety. The board meets monthly.


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The Old Grade School Building