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Disc Golf


The Williamsfield Disc Golf course has 9 baskets (holes) and 18 different tee locations. Bring your Disc or frisbee to play a 9 or an 18 hole course. Never played before? No worries - the rules are simple. Need a disc? You can borrow one from the Williamsfield Public Library District!

North Park Road

Williamsfield, IL 61489

Rules of Play



The Basics

The terminology and rules are very similar to regular, ball golf, but you throw a special frisbee called a Disc instead of hitting a golf ball.

Each player is required to bring their own Discs (frisbees) to use because they are not provided at the Benjamin-Doubet Park. Specific disc golf frisbees are recommended, but any frisbee may be used to play. You can purchase disc golf frisbees at multiple retail locations in the area and online as well.

Throw the Disc from a tee to the corresponding basket to complete the hole. Each hole has a "par" score assigned to it depending on each player's level of ability. Each player counts his/her own number of strokes (throws) to complete each hole. The hole is completed by throwing the Disc into the chains of each target, so it will fall and be caught in the basket. Lowest total score at the end of a round is considered the "winner."

There is no fee, ever, to play our disc golf course. And reservations (tee times) are never required.

The Rules

All ages and player skill levels are welcome.

There is no particular dress code to play, but players must follow whatever park rules, codes, that may be already in place.

Play during park "open hours" (sunrise to sunset).


Normal golf etiquette applies to all players while playing disc golf. Specifically:

  • Wait until it is your turn to throw and be aware of other people (groups) around before you throw.

  • Do not "throw into" players (groups) in front of you.

  • Never skip ahead or cut in front of other players (groups) as well.

  • If your pace of desired play is slower than those behind you you can allow them to "play through," just as in regular golf, to allow everyone to enjoy their round at their own pace.

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