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We are pleased to announce the formation of the Williamsfield Historical Society and are eager to build a membership of those who wish to learn about and celebrate Williamsfield's rich heritage.

The Williamsfield Historical Society is organized exclusively for the charitable purpose of bringing together people interested in the history of Williamsfield, Illinois. This area includes the immediate Village, Truro Township, the area serviced by Williamsfield School District #210, and surrounding communities that have had a strong influence on Williamsfield.

Please consider becoming a member of the Williamsfield Historical Society. Membership fees support the Historical Society's mission, which includes document, memorabilia, and artifact preservation; local commemorative events, lectures, and historical site sustainment; special initiatives support, and the development of education materials.

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This is the future site of the Williamsfield Museum!

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To make a donation to the Williamsfield Historical Society, please mail a check made out to "Williamsfield Historical Society" and mail it to P.O. Box 21, Williamsfield, IL 61489. Your donation is tax-exempt.


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