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Williamsfield Public Safety - Police and Fire
Police Department

The Village of Williamsfield employs a part-time police chief and additional part-time officers to ensure order and law enforcement within the town and surrounding areas. Including basic speed and vehicular enforcement, our policemen also assist in the surrounding areas with most other emergency issues.

Chief of Police: James Robertson

(309) 639-2303

Williamsfield Village Hall

114 E Gale Street

Williamsfield, IL 61489

Non-emergency Number: (309) 343-9151

Williamsfield Fire Protection District

Williamsfield serves as the head department for a large portion of east Knox County, part of west Peoria County, and several mile stretch of Interstate 74. The tax-funded fire protection district has a 5-person Board of Trustees and 3 volunteer-manned stations:

Williamsfield Station #1
200 E. Gale Street
Williamsfield, IL 61489
Phone: (309) 639-4353

Dahinda Station #2
1756 Kenney Street
Dahinda, IL 61428
Phone: (309) 639-4444

Oak Run Station #3
1479 Knox Road 1725 N
Dahinda, IL 61428
Phone: (309) 879-2100

Within the fire protection district, Williamsfield’s station houses 1 fire engine, 1 tanker truck, 1 brush truck, 2 ambulances, and 1 first-responder vehicle. Dahinda’s station houses 1 fire engine, 1 tanker truck, 1 brush truck, and 1 fire-responder vehicle. Oak Run’s station has 1 fire engine & 1 first responder vehicle.

Many volunteers man these stations, including active First Responder units, offering emergency care to many of the hospitals in Galesburg, Kewanee, and Peoria. For inquiries or to volunteer, please contact:

Fire Protection Chief: Jaime Klein
Phone: (309) 639-4453

Ambulance Director: