ATV/UTV Registration Form - also see Ordinance 2015-11

Raffle Form (online) - also see Ordinance 1982-02

Conduct, Vehicle, Animal, and Business Ordinances

Ordinance 2020-01 Ordinance Prohibiting Cannabis Business Establishments

Ordinance 2018-01 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment

Ordinance 2015-11 Golf Carts and Neighborhood Vehicles on Public Streets (registration form)

Ordinance 2015-07 Public Nuisances

Ordinance 2015-06 Parking Regulations

Ordinance 2015-05 Misdemeanors

Ordinance 2015-04 Impoundment of Motor Vehicles

Ordinance 2015-03 General Penalty

Ordinance 2015-02 Animal Regulations

Ordinance 2014-01 Restrictions on Certain Activities in Parks

Ordinance 2012-06 Video Gaming

Ordinance 2009-01 Parking Regulations - Away from Mailboxes

Ordinance 2008-06 Parking Regulations - Amending 2008-03

Ordinance 2008-03 Parking Regulations, Restrictions (amended by 2008-06)

Ordinance 2000-06 Truancy

Ordinance 1997-05 Location of Stop Signs

Ordinance 1988-04 Location of Stop Signs and Yield Signs (as amended by 1997-05)

Ordinance 1986-01 Amending the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors Ordinance

Ordinance 1985-01 Prohibition of Parking of Truck Tractors and/or Semitrailers on Village Property

Ordinance 1984-03 Prohibition of Mobile Homes and Trailers

Ordinance 1983-06 Location of Stop Signs and Yield Signs

Ordinance 1982-03 Control of Dogs (amended in part by 2015-02)

Ordinance 1982-02 Regulation of Raffles and Raffle Form (online)

Property Sale, Vacating, and Related Ordinances


Ordinance 2020-02 Sale of Village Property

Ordinance 2019-04 Exchange of Municipal Property

Ordinance 2018-05 Vacating Alley

Ordinance 2018-03 Sale of Village Property 214 N. Olive

Ordinance 2016-08 Development in the Floodplain

Ordinance 2016-06 Variation of Zoning Restriction

Ordinance 2016-04 Annexing Territory to Williamsfield

Ordinance 2015-09 Annexing Territory to Williamsfield

Ordinance 2014-05 Fair Housing

Ordinance 2014-02 Sale of Village Property

Ordinance 2012-03 Annexing Territory to Williamsfield

Ordinance 2012-02 Annexing Territory to Williamsfield

Ordinance 2012-01 Annexing Territory to Williamsfield

Ordinance 2010-04 Vacating Alley

Ordinance 2007-01 Funding Subdivision, Borrowing Funds

Ordinance 2004-03 Vacating Alley

Ordinance 2000-04 Vacating Alley

Ordinance 2000-02 Vacating Alley

Ordinance 1994-03 Vacating Alley

Ordinance 1988-06 Agreement for Permanent Easement

Ordinance 1988-05 Grant of Easement

Ordinance 1985-04 Agreement with Railway Company for Site Rental

Ordinance 1983-01 Annexing Territory to Williamsfield, Fire Protection District

Resolution 1983-__ Resolution with the Spoon River Chapter, National Society DAR

Utility Related Ordinances

Ordinance 2015-12 Ameren Illinois Company (Operation of Gas and Electric)

Ordinance 2011-06 Protection of Water System, Cross-Connection Control

Ordinance 2000-07 MediaCom Franchise, 2019 Correspondence

Ordinance 1997-03 Adoption of Illinois Plumbing Code

Ordinance 1996-03 Garbage and Recycling Collection

Ordinance 1993-01 Protection of the Public Water System, see also 2011-06

Ordinance 1984-01 Mid Century Cooperative Agreement, 2004 Agreement

Budget, Levy, and Tax Related Ordinances


Ordinance 2019-05 Levy Ordinance for 2019-2020 (prior year ordinances)

Ordinance 2019-03 Prevailing Wages (prior year ordinances)

Ordinance 2019-02 Water, Garbage, and Recyclable Collection Rates (prior year ordinances)

Ordinance 2019-01 Annual Budget and Appropriation (prior year ordinances)

Ordinance 2018-06 Borrowing Funds (water-related)

Ordinance 2007-01 Funding Subdivision, Borrowing Funds

Ordinance 2005-03 Issuance of General Ledger Obligation Debt Certificates (water-related)

Village Operations

Resolution 2016-01 Participation in National Flood Insurance Program

Resolution 2015-01 Appointment Rather than Election of Village Clerk

Ordinance 2014-07 Part-time Employment of Police

Ordinance 2011-01 Standards for Hiring Part-Time Police Officers

Ordinance 2007-04 National Incident Management System

Ordinance 1999-03 Prohibition on the Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts

Resolution 1989-01 Opposition to Intermediate Care Facility

Resolution 1984-05 Resolution Declaring Opposition to Abolishing Franchise Agreements

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