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Williamsfield Young Entrepreneurs

Rural Village economic stability through school youth

Williamsfield Young Entrepreneurs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized to improve economic opportunities, stability, and development in the rural community of Williamsfield, Illinois.

The corporation fulfills its mission by providing, promoting, and sponsoring opportunities, apprenticeships, internships, externships, and other activities and efforts for youth in the Williamsfield area.

Charitable work primarily supports educational and experiential programs:

  • Through the Williamsfield school system, and

  • By acquiring property, goods, and services necessary to support such educational and experiential programs.

For more information, contact the Young Entrepreneurs corporation or see the slide show.

Cow Portrait

2020 Winner

Mr. Hayden Beard was selected as the first Williamsfield Young Entrepreneur as a sophomore. His idea for a local animal feed store caught the favor of the Board of Directors and resulted in his selection as the first Entrepreneur. Read about "Beard's Feed Store" or visit the location at 105 W. Gale St., Williamsfield, IL.

Our Story

Williamsfield Young Entrepreneurs has its roots in the student body of Williamsfield High School. An ambitious senior had an idea for the Williamsfield Area Food Pantry and Resource Center.  She had completed the research necessary to start the non-profit but lacked sufficient resources to get the idea off the ground. Working in partnership with local residents, she started the Food Pantry, and it was her ingenuity and perseverance that sparked plans for the Williamsfield Young Entrepreneurs non-profit.

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